DISCLAIMER: The Chapel offers the amenities below, and strives to make your wedding wonderful and memorable. However, we can guarantee only our services, but not the products.

1.~Photography; We present your photo film at the end of the Ceremony. The couples will process their film, as for safety we do not mail film. The film consists of a 24 roll, however, we do guarantee 15 of the 24 to be of good quality. “However, we do not claim to be professional photographers.” We do not guarantee the manufacturers products. We are offering our professional service, and retakes are at the chapel’s discretion.

2.~Videography; The above applies, and video is live feed.

3.~Candles; Manufacturers take full responsibility, and exempt the chapel.

4.~Limousine; We offer the service to a second party professional Limo service. We disclaim any responsibility.

Making your marriage experience nothing less than perfect!