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Getting Your Car Armored for Added Protection

In this ever changing world, you get to hear news about robberies or sabotages or carjacking. At the same time, you get hear news about important personnel’s while traveling by car being attached by unidentified attackers or intruders. When you open the newspaper and you get to read about the rise of ISIS.

Even if a person remains safe within a house, he/she remains vulnerable when they remain outside. Often, vehicles become the main target of the attacking group. Thus, in order to remain safe and secured within the car it is extremely important to get the car armored. Armoring a car can provide a great level of protection to the passenger from any kind of grenade attacks or bullet attacks.

Automobile Industry Seeing a Huge Rise for Armored Vehicles

In the automobile industry, armoring passenger car has become a huge business. Now you will get to leading automobile manufacturers such as Ford, BMW, or Mercedes Benz are also entering into the bulletproofing genre. In fact, these leading manufacturers are designing the vehicles as per the specification of the customer. Thus, it can be said after the needs of the customers are reviewed the armored cars can be designed. It helps in ensuring maximum safety of the passenger as well as for the goods.

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Armoring a Car

You may have made the decision to protect yourself or your loved one from any kind of threats by getting your car armored. It is a great move from your side. However, bulletproofing or armoring a car depends on various variables such as whether you need to armor the entire car or you just need to armor only few parts of it. However, you will need to keep in mind that based on the level of protection that you require the various parts of the car would be armored.

Doors and Body

The body of the armored cars is made up of galvanized and stainless steel. The steel is hardened to withstand heat and corrosion. Usually, the doors and pillars are reinforced with steel plates. The fire walls and rear bulkhead are steel-plated; whereas the ceiling and flooring is lined up with ballistic fabrics.


When traveling through a high-risk zone, you need to consider the level of armor density. It can help you to remain protected from the bullets piercing through the window. You can choose to go for 0.8 inch to 2.0 inches. The glass that is mainly used for armoring the car is a mixture of polycarbonate and leaded glass.

Panels and Gas Tanks

The various panels of a vehicle need to be kept protected from bullets. While going for armoring services, you will need to decide whether you want all panels to be protected. Nowadays, few car armored manufacturing companies provide protection against a 0.5 caliber shot.


The cost of armoring a tire is very cheap. Proper armoring can help you to remain assured of the fact that your vehicle won’t stop even after hit by bullets.

You can get your car armored by a professional company. Armoring can offer you the peace of mind when you travel through high risk zones.